Thursday, January 20, 2011

My giveaway and a new bag

Hi all readers :)

I am all better now, but still coughing :)

I noticed that there are only 2 participants enter my service giveaway ;) I think they probably feel weird about 'need to pay the delivery postage' if win...Was is weird...? I'm not giving a giveaway but a service giveaway, in case you are not clear about it. I'm making/sewing a bag for FREE! Please spread the words!

Right. Hmm...I'm not finished yet with this bag. The shoulder is still in the making  but because it has been awhile since I upload something in the blog, I just feel that I need to show you all the bag :)

See the black bag...? The size is just about the same as the common laptop bag. But this is not a laptop bag, though, because it used a magnetic button as a closure. But definitely an office bag, yes? The handheld is just about the nice length to carry on your inner hand (lengan lah tu!) and the shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable, so can also carry the bag cross body...Just a sneak peek, more details in my soon as I finished the strap...hehe...

The bag

Side view and the shoulder strap placement

Inside view and a swivel hook
Have a nice day all!!!

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