Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Good morning all,

I'm currently in the making of Arianna tote, but in a snail pace. My girl always distract me, is like my Siamese twin. Always want me to hold her and always on my laps! Gezzzz! So, since I couldn't update on my sewing, I must update something for you all. And here today also about product to reviewed, THE DRAPOLENE NAPPY RASH CREAM.

For those who have babies, nappy rash cream is a must, yes? This is a must have cream for me and for my children for the past 10 years now. It works effectively!

Unlike some rash cream, they create a coating to prevent the skin intact with urine and any wetness, but Drapolene cure and treat the rash, and I must say, quite fast. It's not only for nappy rash, but also good for minor burn and insect bites as well.

I also use this cream when I have rash or feeling uncomfortable at the vagina area (due to using pads or panty liner).

Unfortunately the price is quite expensive nowadays, at some shop, they sell it about RM13.90 per tube. But, to me it worth the cost because of the effectiveness. Right?

The almost empty tube :)

This product is recommended...by me. I only use the best product for my kids :)

Have a nice Wednesday today!


DIESHA said...

yup..memang bagus.....sha pon dah guna almost 10 years...ni pon dah standby beli tuk baby bakal lahir...biarpon berapa harga..sangat berbaloi kan..

Liza A. said...

Betul kan Ka Diesha? mmg bagus cream ni...BTW, semoga semua berjalan ancar buat K.Diesha, cpt2 update baby bila dah bersalin yee!