Sunday, January 23, 2011


Good morning all,

Nothing to update on sewing but I do have a product to share with you all. :)
I never wore expensive beauty products. I think the most expensive was the Amway set. Not really remember the name haha...I don't have serious skin problem but my face skin is kind of dull and wrinkles (I do sighs a lot when looking at my face skin hehe...)

Currently, I'm using NIVEA whitening set...but I skip using the toner...I know...I know...But hey, at least I wash my face once a day if not twice :)

What I want to share here is about the face scrub, I didn't see any changes on my face...The worst thing when using beauty product is when you see nothing changes...*sighs.

But the content must entirely finish before I want to throw it away...(tak mahulah membazirkan, walaupun harga tak sampai RM30)

So, I use the face scrub as my body scrub! Haha...(nak bagi cepat habis!) But I've got to admit, my hands and legs are softer/smoother and even my skin on the fingers less wrinkles then before.

Well, I was come there is no effect on face skin but nice smoother skin on the body...? I'm still looking for working but affordable products, do you have any recommendation for me?

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