Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zuriana Tote and another in the making


I've manage to finish this bag yesterday but only today I can upload it because my husband was with in front of the computer the whole night doing his work, chatting...erk! Busted!
I'd told you all before that this is an easy project, right, I manage to sew 1 bag one day, thought it is not a productive thing to say, a bag a day??! I think for a start, it's okay...right?
This Zuriana Tote bag is using English cotton in black with white polka-dots. The lining is fully interfaced. Ahh...nobody is around to take picture of me holding the bag so, I end up hanging it on a hanger :)

I'm still in the making of another Zuriana Tote, hope to upload it tomorrow. Hop on to my blogshop for more details on the tote.
Take care.
How was your weekend? 

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