Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another petite wristlet complete!

Good morning,

Hah...this was really fast! I always knew that making zipper pouch only takes about 1/2 hour to finish but the biggest problem that delays everything was to align the zipper and fabric when sewing the 4 corners (after attaching the zipper to both fabrics). Often I had to unpick the stitches! Urgh...

This time, the petite wristlet is using flat pocket inside, better and nicer :) And I hand sewn the opening with ladder stitch.

I'm not sure the exterior material is from what kind of fabric. What I know it is an expensive fabric (about RM75/m) and soft, sheer and it is kind of 'berkedut' no matter how hard you iron it (hehe...lupa perkataan berkedut tu in English panggil apa...please refresh me, anyone!) and the lining is using swiss cotton in abstract/random prints.

Fully interfaced, a wooden bead is attached on the zipper pull with cotton string...

The inside view
Both wristlets are in-stock, grab it...grab's only RM15 with delivery :)

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