Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...come with me sew-along bucket bag with MyBotang!!

Good evening everyone!

I've visited MyBotang blog (Sue) this morning and she is organizing a sew-along 'Bucket Bag' this month. I've never join any sew-along before, but I think I want to join in the fun. Would you all care to join me as well :) ? Click on the link above to go to her blog for more info!

In case you don't have any idea what a 'Bucket Bag' is, here is the picture of the bag...cute bag, isn't it?

I hope to be able to finish it on time and Sue, we can also swap the bags between everyone that join the sew-along... ;)
Happy holiday to all!

1 comment:

MyBotanG said...

Thank you for spreading the words Liza *HUGS*
we'll see about the swap later kay.. thanks for the idea..