Monday, February 14, 2011

From Cameron with ♥


We arrived safely in Brinchang at about 7pm and straight checked in into Chua Gin hotel. Along the way from Tapah to Cameron, it's raining on and off and we're kind of dizzy and nearly vomit in the cab because of the winding road. That will be our last time going up thru Tapah..! Haha...

And so after a short rest in the hotel, we went out for our dinner. Sighs. Nothing was interesting to eat here in Brinchang, we can count by fingers Malay stalls here, and what more disappointing some of it was serve and handle by Bangladesh-ian. Gosh. So, we headed to go to the food court and ordered some chicken satay. Our kids love satay and hubby ordered Siam dishes for both of us (kailan ikan masin, ayam masak merah and telur dadar). The taste...sighs. But different people have different tastes. So, I will not comments anything on the tastes, okay.

This is the satay stall. The Siam dishes was ordered from a stall next to this stall.
Look at Hadif...hehe

Nas and Erisa enjoying their satay, the satay was alright but kind of expensive!

Hadif eating his satay

Just showing you the satay in the making process

Harraz, the picky eater!

Naydee (Enaydia)...feeling tired! 
 After dinner, we toured around the Brinchang town. It's a small town as you know and nothing much to see. The night was cold and windy. There are massive development just outside the town with shop lots and all still under constructions.

After that, we went back to the hotel. And since the TV receptions are bad, but there are Astro channels (AXN and Chinese channel), both are not very interesting to we went to bed kind of early.

These are the views from our hotel room that I managed to capture at about 8-9am the next morning.

Thats all for now...will update more later! Bye!

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