Friday, February 18, 2011

Those beautiful moment in Cameron Highlands

Good morning,

We're supposed to settle down in Cameron Highlands but somehow, God forbid us to do so...or probably we didn't make a firm decision in moving to Cameron since KL obviously, is the gold mines where my husband's works and projects are based here (KL). But, the family love it there (Cameron), the weather, the environment, the's just something that we can't resist. A good place to bring up the kids and I can expand my seamstress career there...

Love to see our kids when their cheeks turn pink and their nose turn red during windy days :)
Oh well, I leave you guys with some of the memories in Cameron Highlands! We ♥ Cameron Highlands, and we'll sure be coming back!

A view from our hotel room in Brinchang

An alley to the Brinchang town from the hotel

A view from Bharat Tea Plantations

The tea valley

In the tea valley
While waiting for satay :)

Dinner time!

Sleepy Naydee

Ice-cream anyone?

Me with Naydee

On our way down to the valley, our tradition walk :)

The kids!

The Ice Age ritual hehe...

Little Naydee with her new hair clip

Singing happily!

Hadif with his 'winning' prize

Playing in Tanah Rata

Chap Goh Mei night. Full moon.

Radish. From the hotel owner we knew for several years :)
Hope you enjoyed the pics. We'll be back, InsyaAllah by the end of the month for good...

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