Monday, February 7, 2011


Good morning,

Uh-oh. I received these two from abx courier...well, actually it's from Aimila, my swap partner from Sew-and-Crafty swap, organize by Zura (Sew Retro Chic).

It's a Bento bag with drawstring style and a patchy pincushion. Aimila was worried with her delay and sewing skill since she had to sew for me. Aih, Aimila, I'm also not very good in sewing, still a lot of stuff to learn in this industry :) So don't worry, am not judging you in any way. Okay?

I love the color combination. Love the fabrics as well. Where did you buy the fabrics, Aimila? The Bento bag is now officially Erisa's, she wants to take her school lunch in the bag!

And as for the pincushion, it's mine! Haha...I've been wanting to make this pincushion for quite some time now, and luckily I received one from you Aimila. Yay! Both hand made I received in this green shoe box, and guess what, I love the box as well...haha...I'm collecting shoe boxes to store all my ribbons, laces and threads!

Thanks you Aimila for the effort and beautiful hand made you made for me :) Keep sharpen your sewing skill and you'll be a professional seamstress in no time!!!

Thanks Zura for organizing the Sew-and-Crafty swap.


Mila@Rimbun said...

suka nga pincushion tuh... cantik n kreatifnyaa

Liza A. said...

Comei kan kak Mila? Dah lama Liza nak buat pin cushion mcm ni, lega Aimila bagi hehe...suka tgk effort dia nak cantum2 kain kecik2 tu :)

aimila said...

glad you have received it dan yg lbh penting liza sukakannya. thanks liza. yeah..i need to improve my sewing skill (a lot!!). hehe..