Thursday, March 3, 2011

Done with the first winner project...2 winners to go


Ah, it had been a slow mode for sewing the past days, but now, I had had the routine back, and everything back to normal pace. Relieved. I had finished the first winner for my service giveaway prezzies. A denim messenger bag and a ENADIA clutch. Since there were only 3 participants who entered my first giveaway, I decided to select all three of them to be the winners. And not just that, they all get 2 bags each made by me :)

The reason why I create such giveaway is to make research on what types of fabrics does people want and types of bags the preferred. And also a way to promote my craftsmanship. Not to mention, I like to make people happy :D

So far, from Mam Syakirah's fabrics, I had learn to use denim and for the first time I use the denim threads :) 

Thank you, Mam!

Seriously, it was a pain in the butt to work with thick materials especially when top stitching. But I learn a lot during the making. I also love the lining for the messenger bag.

The clutch was cute using the blue black flower print fabric and lined with polka dots English cotton. Both bags were fully interfaced.

The bags are on the way and hopefully they will reach you tomorrow, Mam. So sorry for the delay.

I'm now in the process of making Mam Azura Aziz's giveaway prezzies. And waiting for Mam Shubie's from Siamese catz..I told you you'll not regret if you enter my service giveaway :) Hopefully to be able to see more participants in my next service giveaway by the end of the month...mark you calender, ladies!!

Okay, bye for now...waiting for Mam Syakirah's photo upon receiving the prezzies...
Congratulations once again!


Bea said...

Hi Liza! Beautiful bags & I like the shape of the clutch:) I'm liking the embroidered denim fabric too. Can you ask Mam Syakirah where she bought that denim fabric?

Liza A. said...

Hi Bea, if I'm not mistaken, she did tell me that she bought it from Nagoya, KL :)