Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Done with third giveaway prezzies!


I've been neglecting my blogs these few days...Was rushing to finished every order on time but *sighs, it was delayed when I wanted to deliver my hand made to their owners...Argh, kinda frustrating because it will never go according to plan...So sorry to all clients.

This is Mrs. Shubie's bags from Siamesecat. She is the last and final winner for my shop 1st Service Giveaway. It was really fun create hand made from clients own fabrics. I am actually observing what kind of fabrics they like and I also get to know the materials of imported fabrics. And of course, experimenting with new fabric such as denim.

Don't you think it is worth it to enter my service giveaway :) ? Please mark your calender for the next Service Giveaway that will take place somewhere in April, will let you know soon.

Puan Syakirah's Baby Jue messenger bag and Enadia clutch

Puan Azura's Enadia clutch (bigger version) and Ariana tote

That's all for now, making a mother and daughter matching clutch!


Azura said...

Terima Kasih Lizaaaaaaaaa..........
cantik sgt3........ beg merah tu kakzura guna setiap hari bawak gi kerja...yg coklat tu bwk gi jenjalan dihari minggu.............

Liza A. said...

Thanks Kak Zura, Liza pun suka bila semua orang suka hati...akan lebih kerap buat service giveaway!!