Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I did for the 2nd winner of my 1st ever service giveaway


At last, finished. kak Azura's prezzies. I love her fabrics selection for both bags and really nice to work with. Especially the plain fabric for clutch.

And I just received fabrics from my 3rd winner, Mam Shubie from Siamese catz...meowwww! And her fabrics are beautiful as well, can't wait to work on her fabrics...And she also send me few items as a gifts.

Aww...really didn't expected it, Mam, but thank you, they are just lovely. Will upload the sweet prezzies in my next post. Currently, doing a custom made organizer for LV Damier Neverfall tote bag, requested by a friend (50% done) and hopefully will finish by tomorrow, and another clutch on the way and then will work on Mam Shubie's prezzies...

I'm currently running out of interfacing, oh dear. Oh well, I can have a short break tonight and focus on my house chores, and then will resume back on sewing :)

That's all for the latest update on me. Good night!

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