Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I did recently and earth quake in Japan


It was heart wrenching to see the earth quake shook Sendai in The Miyagi Province in Japan. I'm not good in telling or explaining about it, but I would like all of you to read this thru my husband's point of view, very interesting and different from what most people think that it was all a punishment from God.

I  wish my family and I do more to help them but, only prayers that we can afford to give...

*some moment of silence.

As for my sewing project, I've just finished one of Mam Shubie's giveaway prezzie, an organizer, a triangular coin pouch and Little Milly wristlet.

Still have 2 more bags to do...then, I'm kinda free, so, please fill my time with orders! LOL All orders will only take approximately about 1 week to reach you from the day payment is confirm.

Triangular coin pouch

Handbag organizer

Little Milly wristlet


NuReEn faRhaN said...

coin pouch tu sgt sumil dgn colorful polka dot. handbag organizer tu mmg besar ye?ke juz camera trick?

Liza A. said...


Handbag organizer tu kecil aje...Tengok kat blog shop saya di untuk details on measurement :)
Thanks for visiting!

vivatveritas said...

aw i like the 1st pouch! it kind of reminds me of onigiri, japanese rice ball!

Liza A. said...

Thanks Chie, now that you've mention it, it does look like onigiri and remind me of japanese cartoon shinchan :)