Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 gathered HP cases (finalize)


The 4 gathered cases which measurement was finalize, done yesterday evening. It was a great relieve for me to finally finished these as the material given were really a pain in the butt to work with. Haha!

These are the materials that were banned in our fabrics stock. If you had not notice, these type of fabrics looks really nice but are actually faded quite fast just by iron it.

So, we no longer use these kind of materials and will not accept fabrics from clients using these fabrics. Apart from that, the materials also jeopardizing my craftsmanship. And I really hate to create such low quality hand made *sighs. I think I had stressed out about these materials in more than 1 post already...haha...

That's are the reason why I ask all clients to email me the fabrics materials before I agreed on their order :) Or else, you'll be wearing a low quality craftsmanship from me :(

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