Monday, April 4, 2011

A custom made clutch order and a gift


I am in the middle of making 6 Kartikas, this clutch was done yesterday and it was the first time making clutch with added zipper closure. I was nervous during the making and had been searching for the right and neat zipper attachment quite some time. The outcome was alright but I bet I can make a better one in the future.

I do hope it fits the tab, though (I'm not really sure what's a 'tab', haha...) but I know you all know what it is, right?

The clutch is using Resham lawn, one of the most expensive fabric in my stock...gee. It is soft and beautiful I must say.

The strap is shorter than the usual handbag strap because the client want it to make as wristlet as well. Hmm, clutch is fully interfaced and it also has flat pocket at the back and a zipper pocket inside, as usual.

I hope my client will like it.

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And this one I'd made specially for my loyal client, Puan Syakirah, it's a gift for her as recently, few orders were from her friends. Thank you Puan, though the bags was promoted unintentionally, but I would love to thank her for that 'effort' :) anyway.

Hope you'll like it Puan Syakirah.

Kartika pencil case/wristlet


CheYahChomel said...

Wahhhhhhh.............that 1 for me? x sabaq nk tggu....hehehehe......

Btw, the TAB is Samsung Galaxy Tab....;)

Liza A. said...

Ye kak sya, utk kak sya..hope you'll like it :)