Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspired design by keykalou


Made this just now. Inspired by keykalou pocket clutch. I don't have enough money to buy her pattern (haha! what kind of alasan was that?) I print out the design and mu husband drafted the pattern, so, basically, it is keykalou's inspired pattern but both of us did our own sketches and design...can we claim this as ours? Hehe...

This is actually very petite wristlet cum clutch. It has a pocket in the front and the closure is kind of unique, don't you think. Oh, keykalou have so many inspired design over her etsy shop. Envy!

Ah, forgot to mention, this design was requested by a regular client from UIAM. I hope you'll like it *grin. And please approved it yes? hehe...

Attaching the body and lining was really challenging as the clutch opening is very small, but luckily it turns out to be neat as I wanted it to be :)

Fully interfaced with fusible interfacing, I attached a strap as requested. A black button for fun (can I say that?) Magnetic button for closure, high quality English cotton in black floral design and a canvas lining.

Just had to blogged this hehe...
Ah yes, my Service giveaway is now officially closed.
Will announce the winner...yawn. tomorrow...good night!

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