Saturday, April 23, 2011

The longest ever!


I took more than a week to make the bag, Baby Jue Tote. Insane, yes? I don't know what went wrong, Too much error and too much unpick stitches, everything was done twice! Even I fell ill twice during the making. I don't have mood in few days and had disappoint my client (though she repeatedly say that I can take my time to make it) but, a promise is a promise. More than a week to deliver ones bag is too long, at least for me and my shop policy.

This unexpected problem caused a big delay to all orders and am try very hard to make sure all clients to receive their items before next month. And all orders for this month are closed until further notice!

This Baby Jue Tote is more sturdier than before as I lined it with fusible interfacing + canvas, because the exterior fabrics is super soft and if iron on fusible interfacing caused the wrinkles on the fabric. And for all bags using super soft fabric will be lined with fusible interfacing + canvas/medium interfacing.

This tote comes with added detach shoulder strap. All features are the same and will cost a little bit more than normal Baby Jue tote. Oh yes, I decided to pair the tote with matching Kartika.

Baby Jue Tote + matching Kartika

Attachment for detach shoulder strap
 just like Owen Office Tote
Will upload more on next order done :)
Till then, have a relaxing weekend!

P/S: So sorry to all client for the delay :(


mamasyitah said...

tersangat kagum dgn you punye skills!! wow!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Terima kasihh @mamasyitah :)