Sunday, April 10, 2011

New members in the family!

3 healthy bunnies


We are very happy especially our children upon the new family members in the house! They are Juji's baby bunnies. We didn't know that she gave birth until 3 days ago, I heard a scratching sound behind the cooker cabinet. I thought it was cockroaches! Eww...but bravely I try and peek thru the crumpled newspapers and then I saw a big flappy ears. Ah! Bunnies! i was over-whelmed and ask my husband to reconfirm (I still think it was baby mice!)

And so, he checked and confirmed. And they are healthy and fat. Juji allowed me to touch the babies and feed them in front of me! was the most calming and happy moment for me and am truly honoured! Rabbits or cats usually doesn't like us to touch their babies as they will either ignore the babies or move them to other hiding spot.

Oh and I have uploaded new fabrics bought from cottonzone yesterday. You can view it here at little-iro-iro facebook page

Thank you and happy Monday!


azreenChan said...

It was a fun moment kan?
Wait until it starts breeding every 2 months..
Huhu. And you have to take care of 13 rabbits in one time with different cages because they will bite each other off :(

Liza A. said...

Kak Liza nak buka tmpt ternak wabbit bila dah beranak pinak nanti, jual mahal sebab ni baka bulu panjang muahahaha...pas tu jual baja tahi rabbits kat petani di cameron highlands!!! hahaha....

ct N honey said...

ayah mertua pun bela arnab,tapi masa kecik ni geli lah tgk baby nya,bila dah besar suka pegang...
saya pun ada cerita tentang arnab