Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ANNIE sling bags in the shop!


This week I'm rushing to finish all pending orders, so far 6 bags are in the making, 3 sling bags as shown here were finish about an hour ago.

Another 3, InsyaAllah will finish by tomorrow morning. Naydee, these few days always awake around 5am and by the time she's sleepy, the rest of my children awake, argh...there goes my sewing time! Now, I am struggling to sew and always in standby mode since her sleep pattern is unpredictable. *sighs.

Oh, just to let you all know, both bags have 1 in-stock and also can be remake :)

All the delay for pending orders are giving me guilty feeling. So sorry to all my dear clients! And also to my giveaway winners...Will try my best to finish all within this month.

This morning my bunny rabbit (the previous born), the bushy grayish died. :'( my favourite bunny!
Don't know the caused. Hopefully bunny didn't died suffering...Pity...pity...bunny.

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