Monday, May 30, 2011

Another collaboration work!


Wow, another collaboration work with my husband! just the pouch. It's A MEMORY GAME CARDS in a pouch!!!

Have you played the game before? The past weeks, my husband made these for our kids. They love it so much! It's an easy game to play even my 3 years old son joins in too! Haha...

It's a bonding time with your family, especially with your kids. So, if you have nothing to do this school holidays or during weekend, just grab the game and play. Besides, you don't have to arrange the cards by yourself, the kids can do it for you...ehehehe....

And since we love playing the game so much, we thought we'd share the fun with you all! Hop on to my shop for more details.

My husband did the game part. From selecting the pictures, printing them, laminating and cutting the cards with care, while I do the sewing part.

The pouch, as usual, fully interfaced and comes with detachable strap.

The pouch


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