Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Organizers and totes


I love working with the exterior fabric. Vibrant red with black mushroom prints by Alexander Henry 2006 collection. My client requested both organizers with matching triangular coin pouch, but unfortunately, the fabrics I received from the client was not enough to even lined the pockets. I bet if all were in red, the organizers will be much better!

The smaller organizer is fully in red while the bigger one had been mix with canvas. I know it was not the best choice, but I had no other option! I added a long stripe for swivel hook on both organizers which was supposedly to attach the triangular coin pouch.

And as for the totes, also a custom made order, used a light weight newsprint fabric inside out and lined with canvas for sturdiness. I also add magnetic button for closure on both bags.

I hope my client will like all of the items she'd ordered. Thank you for your orders, Puan.

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Bea said...

Hi Liza! Those organizers looks neatly done & I like the red & white solids for the lining. I have the same 'mushroom city' prints but still can't decide what to make out of it..:P