Friday, May 13, 2011

Azreen-chan and vivat-veritas

Good morning!

This is the best week ever! I received 2 parcels from my favourite crafter/doodler. Please meet Azreen-chan from my doodle and Chie, from vivatveritas.

Azreen gave the mirror and a fridge magnet. She doodled a girl with long hair surrounded with flowers (what kind of flowers are these, Azreen?) and a girl's face on the fridge magnet. So lovely and both me and my daughter wanted the mirror haha...but as a mommy (haish!) I just have to gave it to her (tak rela!!) She plays it with her doll.

The lovely doodling items by Azreen-chan

Just to show the mirror's part

Another parcel was from Chie! Wow, really fast shipping from Japan, didn't expected to arrive so soon. I won the Pay It Forward 2011 from Chie. She just gave birth to a baby girl :) aww...cute little girl! And I feel a little bit guilty to have her made a dress for my little girl despite she just gave birth. I hope it didn't burden you much, Chie.

Aside from the sun-dress for Naydee, she also include in a lace zipper and 4 hand made coasters! Thank you Chie. The fact to receive a parcel from oversea excite me, but from my favourite blogger/crafter? Oh wow, it made my day :)

Thank you both of you!!!

A parcel from Japan! (*excited lebih)

Yahoo! A card from vivatveritas

Naydee in her new dress!

Adoring herself in her new dress

Kissing herself? Haha...

Wave goodbye to Azreen-chan and Chie!
Thank you, aunties!!!


NoEn said...

Wah...seronoknya dpt 2parcel sekali gus!!!dr overseas plak tu..(ayat jeles nih)
Naydee, u r soooo cute...muah2 kiss for her

azreenChan said...

I'm glad you loved it :D