Sunday, May 8, 2011

New design in the shop, open for order :)


Made this early this morning. Inspired by keykalou pocket clutch, oh, her design is so inspiring :) This clutch available in 3 sizes. And this one is medium size. And I call this design Anissa Clutch.

I used a very inspiring and beautiful Van Paolo, England cotton in purple (I have 3 different colours, can't wait to make using another 2 colours) and lined with multi polka dots in purple (English cotton)

Fully interfaced inside out. I add detachable strap. Features are just about the same as keykalou pocket clutch, but zipper pocket  will be added, as requested by most clients :)

I think keykalou's design is much better than mine haha...but, I can say that, I love my design too, especially when my husband put his effort in drafting and creating the pattern template on this new design, too. Thank you so much, Abang ;)

Hope you like the new design, too...hop...hop...hop on to my little shop little-iro-iro now!

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