Thursday, May 12, 2011

New design tote uploaded!


Finally. It is done. A collaboration work with my husband. I feel very nervous during the 3 days of making the bag. From designing, drafting the patterns (which was done by him), cutting the templates and sewing (done by me, of course :)) And here it is, the prototype of Jasmine 2 in 1 tote.

Oh, I love his ideas for the bag - Jasmine (and he named it too!) I'm just being generous to let him do the honour of naming the bag and let him participate a lot during the making of the bag (so, we can spend more time together ahaha...gatalnya saya ;))

Front tote view

Back tote view with flap and zipper pocket, back of flap has another slip pocket

With working mamas that carries a toddler and travel in the LRT, in mind, came the idea of making this 2 in 1 tote. While carrying your little one, you can easily turn the tote into backpack :)

I use Thai silk in maroon with stripes. Fully interfaced and layered with plain fabric to add sturdiness.

Side view

Back pack shoulder strap hide behind flap

Oh, please ignore my poor craftsmanship as this is only a prototype. We'll be changing/adding better accessories in time to time.

P/S: But, sometimes it feel really good to sew recklessly and no need to unpick stitches...but only once awhile haa!

Back pack mode

Padded shoulder straps, that's the slip pocket I'm talking about :)

More details in my shop blog little-iro-iro. The design is open for order. It comes in build in organizer pockets inside or separate organizer.

Oh, and the bag has magnetic closure on both mode :)


Azura said...

cantik3...good idea.....congratulation to both of U......
kalau nak order camni leh???heeee...

Liza A. said...

Kak Zura :) memang dibuka untuk order ni :) Tapi yg ni prototype nak tunjuk design. :)