Tuesday, June 7, 2011



I bought these tools and studded snap button a.k.a as snap buttons about nearly 2 weeks ago, and just today early morning did I have the guts to use it. My husband helped a lot with the hammering as I am kind of 'gentle' handling the tools LOL...(I was afraid if I ruined the buttons...haha...)

I must say I...er, love the result! And as to compare using the magnetic button, which I need to fix the button before (sometimes it just not cooperating well, if you know what I mean...senget/silap ukur...sighs) top stitching and  etc, using studded button allows me to finish the product first then fix the button. Therefore, it minimizes the wastage of the button and ruining the hand made...Pheww...plus it looks neat and exclusive.

So, in near future, I'll be using metal studded snap buttons in all my hand made :)

 Nice aih? What do you think?

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DiahRothman said...

Dear, indeed it is very practical and looks lovely like the rest of your hand made.....