Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some orders update


Now I'm showing you all what I did while dragging myself to sew few days back. Just some orders from some clients of mine :) Anyone interested to order, do e-mail me :) TQ!!

Babjy Jue set wih FREE shopping bag (S)

Anissa clutch (inspired design by Keykalou) in Red Hot Stripes in Thai Silk

Another Anissa clutch (M)

Baby Jue Organizer in Daring pink and black dots

Custom size handbag organizer (7cm x 10cm x 21cm)
Features same as SOPHIE handbag organizer

Ariana tote (simple variation) in soft pink bloom
How was your days? :) I'm now off to make some quick 10 bags of souvenir for my husband's female friends for MRSM74 gathering tomorrow. I hope I'll get it done on time. Praying. Will show you when I'm done :)

Till then, have a nice sunny day today!!!

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