Thursday, June 30, 2011

A thousand apologies to my clients


To all my clients, I would like to apology as I am very upset over my interfacing that been used in recent orders. Is either I've been con by the shop or the shop been con by the manufacturer or what, I don't know. I've bought 1 roll of interfacing with higher price than promised and claimed to be the same interfacing bought before by metres.

Now, I'm so sure it is not the same material, as it is exactly like papers! It tears easily just like papers! Argh...I am so angry and disappointed now! It is okay to be use in small items (clutches, wristlets etc) but, I'm not sure what will happen if use in big bags especially after wash!

Please forgive me.

I'm settling in by buying by metres now with materials as used and confirmed with the quality before and urgh...the paper-like interfacing will only be use in small products, still, I feel like I've cheat my clients in my materials and quality. Sob...sob...I am so sorry, my dear clients.

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