Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toy Story III to the rescue!!!


I've been busy. I was in 'lazy' mode few weeks back and just got back the rhythm. Finished 9 products for orders. Pheww....
So sorry my dear clients I was struggling to get back on track. I really am dragging myself to sew. Yeashhh! But now am okay. I'll start delivering some orders next Monday. And oh yes, my brass snap buttons arrived this morning. Really happy!

Okay, now...the topic. Naydee is going to be 1 years old next month (how time flies) and she is really...really in her creative months. She likes to put stuff in her mouth and clinging to cupboard, chairs and it is so impossible for me to sew peacefully without worry about her safety.

So, about 2 weeks ago, we bought her a walker, thought we don't really agree on having one, but, it's the best option we have other that to buy the cot. And then we bought a DVD for the kids, and yes, you guessed right, it's Toy Story III!

Picture courtesy from Google Search
Ever since the day, Naydee watch it every morning, afternoon, evening, night...pendek kata setiap saat celik mata ahahaha....Orang Kedah kata "tercangak depan TV" hehe...Memang dia tercangak. Tak percaya? Cuba tengok gambar...

Am I right?
So, now I can concentrate on my sewing, well, at least 30 minutes. Hahaha!

Thank you Toy Story III!!


Haida Hussin said...

dah besar dah naydee.. so cute!!
akak pun slow nya nak menyiapkan tempahan.. true.. been dragging myself to sew too. so how did you get out of the 'lazy mode'??

Nomaliza Azman said...

To be frank, kak. Tak boleh keluar from that mode...haha...but bila tengok order berderet-deret...terpaksalah juga mengheret diri untuk menjahit kak...orang marah nanti huhu...
Lama tak dengar cerita akak...akak sihat? :)