Monday, July 11, 2011



Wow, it has been awhile since my last post. I was not feeling well the last two days, after Naydee was down with fever (syukur, she is now better).

I was down with really bad headache (I hope it's not migraine, though) and giddy all over. Macam preggy, aih, I hope not hehe...5 kiddo are enough for me... :D

Currently I am now doing another Giveaway winner's pressie for my 2nd giveaway last May, have been delay too long, sorry kak!

And also pressies for my collaboration giveaway with D'Amani Cottontherapy, 8 winners all together! Wow, sangat rugi if tak join :)

And these were the latest done despite me not being so well. Sakit aje memanjang...

Baby Jue Set

Baby Jue (original design)

Another Baby Jue :)

Baby Jue design is kinda tricky design to sew, so, it usually took too much time and effort than any other designs in my shop, I hope my client understand why I sometimes can't deliver them on time, also with some things that happen that I can't prevent. So sorry.

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