Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Wow, it has been awhile since my last post. I was away last week, the whole week to the North. Why, you ask? Well,  I went to Penang to meet with my friend, Julia from The Netherlands.

Julia is a friend I knew from the Burdastyle community about 3 years ago. We had the same passion for sewing bags. She sew really nice bags, but that was before. Due to her workloads as a web designer, she hardly sew now, aww, I wish she'll sew again one day...

Julia came to visit Malaysia for two weeks, one of the reason why she chose Malaysia, is because I am staying here, obviously (I hope so...hehe...). We were suppose to meet in Kuala Lumpur but, then, I had something that forbid me to go with the plan (as usual). As I thought that I'll miss meeting up with Julia, my husband decided for the whole family to meet her in Penang! (Thanks Abang :) )

And so we went to Ipoh, stayed for a night there (aww I should have taken pictures of the hotel and the city. I forgot!) The next morning, we went to the Gopeng Bus Station, and guess what, I met Julia there, coincidentally, her bus (from Cameron Highlands) stopped for 15 minutes for R & R. She automatically recognized me and vice verse. But, hey, I told her that we will meet up in Penang.

At 12.30pm (I guess), we arrived at the Bus Terminal in Butterworth. From there, we continue our journey to Penang by ferry. The kids were very excited! They even looked for the jellyfishes, actually, it was me who was more excited haha!

About 20 minutes, we arrived at the jetty, and straight to the hotel, The Hotel Malaysia. After a long nap hehe...we met up with Julia for dinner. She came with a friend, Koen. They are a lovely couple and they both nice and funny, not to mentioned. :)

The meeting was awesome, we're like an old friends, asking lots of questions, chatting and the kids...minding their own business haha...

After dinner we went for ABC and Laichi-Kang, somewhere near Padang Kota, I guess. We walked all the way from the Nasi Kandar restaurant to there, about half hour walk. We're sweating like...hahaha...I hope they didn't curse us. My family often walks to everywhere, the kids enjoying it very much. and I think these is how I stay fit...muahahaha....

And there, the kids sitting on a 'tembok' and viewed the sea which is really pitch black, I guess they missed Dungun very much.

We meet again the next day, for berbuka puasa. But before that, we visit the Bazaar Ramadhan near the Penjara, and introduce them to the Malay traditional foods. Julia, doesn't like spicy foods hehe...but she loves the desserts, such as tepung talam and few more which I had forgotten (my short term memory lost).

The next morning, Julia and Koen continued their journey to Langkawi. And we went to Kedah, to search for our new home. We will be moving to Changlun, Kedah.

Now, it is sewing time...and moving time...

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