Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TUTORIAL: Install zipper head


Yesterday, a member of GMJ, asked on how to install the zipper head to the zip. I did upload the pictures on the group page and thought of making my own tutorial on my blog as well. It is indeed very easy but, for a beginner, they might find it hard to do it right unless constant practise...practise...practise...

I hope the pictures and short descriptions help :)

Of course, the first step, you need the zipper and the zipper head
Split the zipper, like so.

Insert the zipper (only one side first) up until half the head, past the center slot. You know what i mean by the center slot when you look at the zipper head.
Insert the other side of the zipper, make sure both side align.

Press the front part (as in picture) firmly and slide the zipper head a little bit.

And when you are ready to slide the zipper head further, press firmly at the back of the zipper (picture) like so.
Gently, slide the zipper head to the center.

And Ta-da!! You can now install your zipper to your pouch or bag! :)


Reena said...

jarang pulak i beli zip dah terkeluar dari tempat dia. Hehe~ anyway nice info :)

Nomaliza Azman said...

Reena, ni bukan zip terkeluar hehe...Liza beli continuous zip, senanglah sebab nak buat beg, kejap panjang, kejap pendek nak guna...so, zip yg kena potong saves time, cost and sakit jiwa haha!