Friday, September 23, 2011

Current work in progress

And hi!

While still making bulk orders, I mix in other stuff to make for other orders such as cutting patterns or ironing or maybe designing new design or probably browsing some books for more ideas.

This morning, my little girl, Naydee woke up early. See, I have major problem here, if I tuck her to bed early, she will wake up early, I mean about 4am early, but if I put her to bed late, she'll woke up late but I too will not able to get up early to sew. My whole schedule for a day is very, very full. The never ending house chores, attending to my kids (luckily I have Erisa to help me baby-sit her little sister and brothers) and sewing.

Okay, back to what happened today. She woke up at 4am, luckily her daddy still awake, so I managed to escape from Naydee to sew a little. And this is what I am doing at the moment. I love making this bag, it is a very interesting project, and I had a goosebumps when thinking about the 3D pockets, but actually it is something new I learn while making this bag.

Thank you Azlinda for the opportunity, I really hope it is up to your expectation. Now that I've done the pockets, others will be easy peasy to sew now.

Yesterday's drafting

The 3D pockets
Have a wonderful weekends ladies. Enjoy your sewing!


mamikelate said...


Nomaliza Azman said...

Ntah betul ke tidak poket tu dipanggil 3D hehe...

SCLover said...

cepat la siap liza... tak sabo nih..:-)

Zen and Sewing said...

Thanks Liza. I hope to make some bags for bicycles that will require this kind of pocket. I have to find some info on how the pocket attches to the bag.