Sunday, September 25, 2011

Done! Yipee....!

And hi!

It's done. Required some hand-stitch but it's done. 100% done! I love it though not really satisfied with the sewing but I love the outcome, I hope the client love it too!
The hobo bag and the triangular coin pouch

What do you think? Is it alright?

This is the pocket originally supposed to look like
I'll start designing bags with 3D pockets. I love the pockets but to make it, it's kind of tricky. I'm suppose to make the flap of the pocket ravel, but it ravels more than it supposed to, and i just had to do it this way until I find out the way to make the ravels the correct way.

The coin pouch

Now, up to the next order. NEXT!!

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Rosh said...

cantek la Liza. i like! Btw, nk bg award utk Liza. Hrp2 sudi terima ya.