Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Changlun, Kedah, with love


It has been awhile. I have safely moved to Changlun, Kedah. My husband's so called place of peacefulness. It is a nice place and environment. Not so big but a room for the kids to roam around. But, the best part is, now, I get to go to Haadyai or Dannok whenever I want...yay!

As for me. I am still struggling to get the sewing routine back on track. Still have some orders to attend to. And still have to start back my handmade business. Which had been neglected the past month. Sigh.

I am using Maxis broadband here. Seriously, Maxis is bloodsucker. Why can't they just have an unlimited broandband service just like what DiGi has offer?? I am not online as often as I use to be now, only if I need to check my mails or FB, once a while. To all my clients, just SMS me if you have any query, yes? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, where is my Nikon file when I need to upload some pics??? Arghhh...Will share with you guys some photos of our place, later.


Found the file, and these are pictures during the early days of moving...


Rosh said...

liza di Changlun yer? Baru ja balik dr Kodiang td. We welcome u with open arms.... Bab pindah ni mmg memenatkn... Sbb tu pikir byk kali nk pindah ke tidak kalau rmh siap... Can't wait to see u back in business.

SCLover said...

liza.. changlun kat mana tu? heheheh... selamat datang ke Kedah..Negeri tumpah darahku !! ekekeke...baru balik dari beraya kat kedah tahun ni..

Rosh said...

correction: Bkn dr Kodiang tp dr Tunjang... hahaha... sib baik Mak Ngah tak berinternet. kalau x dh selamat kena perli... hehehe...