Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Craft Swap prezzie!

And Hi!

Last month I entered a Craft Swap by Geng Mesiin Jahit - GMJ (Sewing Machine Gang, as in English, all of us need to sew a pouch to give to another member in the group. And we have 1 month to complete the task.

I just finished mine today and hopefully to be able to send it within this week.

Oh, and I had receive mine from Wan Noen few days ago. Seriously, the pouch is nice and love the fact that she is willing to do the patchwork pouch. Rajinnya, Wan! And her hand embroidery is very neat, too!

The pouch is small and padded. I love it and it fits just nice for my stuff as I don't have cosmetic to use. Only my lip gloss and toner. Come to think of it, I really don't have any make-ups! :D

Wan is very generous enough to add another gift, and it's for Naydee. Yes, a little dress for Naydee.
I can't even have a decent photo of her wearing the dress, she just won't raise up her head. Ish!

Love the dress!

Happy Sewing all! :)


NoEn said...

so happy u like it..haha..patchwork yang lintang pukang..

naydee so cute la..mujur baju tu fix dgn nayde..just agak2 jer saiz tu..hehe

Nomaliza Azman said...

Thanks Wan, memang suka sangat your prezzie, especially that cute dress ;) She looks sweet in it, tu yg terus tanya design...hehehe...kain nak buat beg banyak, leh curi sikit buat baju dia haha, lagipun kain macam ni cepat kering bila basuh :)

Thanks again, be proud with your hand made!

MamaDaniel said...

cute patchwork! cantik!

dapat dress jugak! syioknyer!