Monday, December 12, 2011



It's December. And I haven't yet confirm any of my plan for my on-line business for next year. The past 3 years, I was just sewing to fill my time, earning some side income to help my husband and perfecting my workmanship.

I have never thought of becoming a seam-stress before, because I was a lousy sewer back at school, though I really love crafts and creating stuff from scratch. I guess, being a perfectionist helps me a long the way as I cannot stand seeing flaws in my hand made (but still have tiny bits of mistakes sometimes, but hey, nobody is perfect, right? Right?). I started to sew when my husband decided to buy a hi-speed sewing machine 3 years ago, despite knowing his wife have no experience in sewing. It was like, he already know the future (can he??) He specifically asked me to sew bags! First time sewing with hi-speed sewing machine (only those who sew using the machine knows how fast the machine can go!) my skill was way too far from being a beginner. Horrible! I can't stitch straight line though had draw a line. After a few attempts and failing to control the fabrics and machine, I just stop! That is how I always do it, if it's just not working, I have to stop until I can figure out what went wrong.

SHELL POUCH. Lama tak buat pouch ni. Nak buat lah lepas ni. 
After a few days, I think few weeks kot (dengan sindiran suami yang dok kata beli mesin biaq berhabuk :)) I started to sew back again, this time, macam mai seru tu hehe...I controlled the speed my putting my right hand on the hand-wheel, most of the time, so that, tak lah terbabas, tapi panas gak tangan menahan wheel tu if kaki tertekan pedal secara tak sengaja...hehe...But it prevent me from getting injury.

When my husband was warded due to stress about 3 weeks ago, I am now trying my best to not letting him worried much about the money, and house income. I never talk to him anything that involves money! At all. I don't want him to over stressed himself and led to another attack. I wish I never have to experience that ever...ever again.

Now, I am planning to make my on-line business as our main income, next year. I've plan to double, or maybe triple my effort daily to come out with more items for in-stock, to participate in any crafts markets, open a small stall some where in KL and expanding it to international level. My only hope is for him to just rest and recuperating well. Without having to worry much on anything.

And I've started to double up my effort by making these yesterday and early this morning hehe...

Enadia Cluth flaps. 20 of them!

4 denim Enadia Clutch, 50% done

Front view

It's a good start for me, juggling everything was never easy especially if you have 5 kids with no maid! :D But I am confident enough to be a super-mom! Sekurang-kurangnya di mata anak-anak. Kan?

Moga Allah permudahkan segala-galanya buat kami sekeluarga dan sentiasa ada sinar mentari yang menyinari di setiap cuaca mendung. Take care!

And this will be the new name for my hand made brand, next year. What do you think? :)


SewLove said...

salam kak,smoga tabah menghadapi dugaan tuhan..nurul pun baru saje kehilangan ayah, nak x nak perlu juga tabah utk adik2..apatah lagi jika si ibu, bila baca post akak teringat mak nurul..smoga mak juga tabah dan redha

nurul doakan akak sukses dlm sewing bisnes nie..u got the talent, sure leh berjaya ^ ^

mamasyitah said...

naydee...commercial jugak tu...all the best!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Nurul: Thanks Nurul :) Sangat kak Liza hargai :) Dan Nurul juga, moga sukses dalam apa jua bidang yang Nurul ceburi ;)

Mamasyitah: Thanks, namanya ada ala-ala kempunan nak pi Siam :D

Rosh said...

Liza, wish u all d best. Nk promote brg2 tu blh jer... i love bag making & people want what i make but i don't have d time. kwn2 dok tunggu je... maybe you can help...

Anonymous said...

salam liza..bila baca all ur life journey..i think how strong u handle 5 kids with no maids.. sewing all item with patient ,make me thing all about u...jeles pun ada gak...terpk cane liza leh handle all the problem around u..emm..u are super mom liza..walaupun masih muda tapi pemikiran jauh nun melangkau usia...betapa akak mengakumi liza..hope u are strong and sukses alwiz..semoga berjaya dgn cita2 murni sbgi isteri yg membantu suaminya...Moga Allah sentiasa bersama mu dik...good luck dear...

Hartini zulaikha
~zuEnan craft~

Nomaliza Azman said...

Thanks kak Rosh, nanti dah ada in-stock Liza bagi kak promote eh hehehe...

Kak Hartini, terima kasih, Liza tahu bukan senang nak jadi super mom :) tapi Liza akan cuba sehabis baik untuk menjadi yg terbaik di mata anak2, menjadi kekuatan pada suami. Juga Liza sangat2 bersyukur sebab anak2 dan suami memahami dan tidak terlalu demand yang pelik2, Liza bukan manusia yg sempurna, kadang2 ada juga ter miss sana sini, terlupa sana sini :) Tapi, siapa yg sempurna dalam dunia ni kan?

Liza cuba menjadi yang terbaik sepanjang masa :) Oh, mungkin kerana suami Liza berumur, jadi cara pemikirannya terpengaruh dek Liza ;)


Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi supermom Liza... yang penting determination and kesabaran... all the go dear. Hope 2012 will bring you success