Thursday, June 30, 2011

A thousand apologies to my clients


To all my clients, I would like to apology as I am very upset over my interfacing that been used in recent orders. Is either I've been con by the shop or the shop been con by the manufacturer or what, I don't know. I've bought 1 roll of interfacing with higher price than promised and claimed to be the same interfacing bought before by metres.

Now, I'm so sure it is not the same material, as it is exactly like papers! It tears easily just like papers! Argh...I am so angry and disappointed now! It is okay to be use in small items (clutches, wristlets etc) but, I'm not sure what will happen if use in big bags especially after wash!

Please forgive me.

I'm settling in by buying by metres now with materials as used and confirmed with the quality before and urgh...the paper-like interfacing will only be use in small products, still, I feel like I've cheat my clients in my materials and quality. Sob...sob...I am so sorry, my dear clients.

Some orders update


Now I'm showing you all what I did while dragging myself to sew few days back. Just some orders from some clients of mine :) Anyone interested to order, do e-mail me :) TQ!!

Babjy Jue set wih FREE shopping bag (S)

Anissa clutch (inspired design by Keykalou) in Red Hot Stripes in Thai Silk

Another Anissa clutch (M)

Baby Jue Organizer in Daring pink and black dots

Custom size handbag organizer (7cm x 10cm x 21cm)
Features same as SOPHIE handbag organizer

Ariana tote (simple variation) in soft pink bloom
How was your days? :) I'm now off to make some quick 10 bags of souvenir for my husband's female friends for MRSM74 gathering tomorrow. I hope I'll get it done on time. Praying. Will show you when I'm done :)

Till then, have a nice sunny day today!!!

Toy Story III to the rescue!!!


I've been busy. I was in 'lazy' mode few weeks back and just got back the rhythm. Finished 9 products for orders. Pheww....
So sorry my dear clients I was struggling to get back on track. I really am dragging myself to sew. Yeashhh! But now am okay. I'll start delivering some orders next Monday. And oh yes, my brass snap buttons arrived this morning. Really happy!

Okay, now...the topic. Naydee is going to be 1 years old next month (how time flies) and she is really...really in her creative months. She likes to put stuff in her mouth and clinging to cupboard, chairs and it is so impossible for me to sew peacefully without worry about her safety.

So, about 2 weeks ago, we bought her a walker, thought we don't really agree on having one, but, it's the best option we have other that to buy the cot. And then we bought a DVD for the kids, and yes, you guessed right, it's Toy Story III!

Picture courtesy from Google Search
Ever since the day, Naydee watch it every morning, afternoon, evening, night...pendek kata setiap saat celik mata ahahaha....Orang Kedah kata "tercangak depan TV" hehe...Memang dia tercangak. Tak percaya? Cuba tengok gambar...

Am I right?
So, now I can concentrate on my sewing, well, at least 30 minutes. Hahaha!

Thank you Toy Story III!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It has been awhile


Ah, it has been awhile since my last post. I was busy with sewing, and of course busy catching up with all house chores that seems to be endless, I hardly breathe! It's 2.30am in the morning now. Hmm...

Yesterday was a new chapter for my shop as now, the name CREATIVE COCOON is officially mine! Yay!Of course with extra word 'enterprise' aish...Come to think of it now, why didn't I put 'Studio' or 'Hand made' replacing the 'enterprise' * a really big slap on the forehead!' Argh...why didn't those words pop in my head then??? Arghhh....I hate the word enterprise actually, ahahaha...I registered the name yesterday, and am really happy that my hand made shop is making another step.

Well, Abang (my husband) did say no worries as CREATIVE COCOON will go Sdn Bhd one day! Hooray! Hope it'll be soon!!!

I have so much in my head to redesign my mailing card, business cards etc...etc...(just to put in the company registration number, actually...haha) Everything was ready to be print out (the business cards and etc).

Oh, I'm so excited!

Well, hmm...I have finished one of the winner's prezzie in my 2nd Service Giveaway. She personally requested a large reversible Sling bag with a pattern given.

The bag is super huge and I really love the fabrics combination! Love sewing the bag and I was really in a happy mood all the way :)

She also requested a shoe bag with lining. And I make one for her using the same fabrics and guess what, it's actually a reversible bag too haha...!

The exterior view

The interior view

The prezzies :)
Last Friday, we finally managed to follow Abang to Universiti Malaya. My husband will go to UM to play basketball whenever he can to play his favourite sport! Well, it is because that's the only place that have decent court, he said. So, this time the kids and I went with him. Though I didn't really had the opportunity to have a good workout (I had to carry little Naydee), but believe me, carrying Naydee, while running around kicking the ball and tossing tennis balls over the court divider was pretty exhausting too, okay! Hahaha....

I love doing that especially with the kiddos!

Erisa kicking the ball


Abang in action :)

Nas and Abang

Naydee :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



I bought these tools and studded snap button a.k.a as snap buttons about nearly 2 weeks ago, and just today early morning did I have the guts to use it. My husband helped a lot with the hammering as I am kind of 'gentle' handling the tools LOL...(I was afraid if I ruined the buttons...haha...)

I must say, love the result! And as to compare using the magnetic button, which I need to fix the button before (sometimes it just not cooperating well, if you know what I mean...senget/silap ukur...sighs) top stitching and  etc, using studded button allows me to finish the product first then fix the button. Therefore, it minimizes the wastage of the button and ruining the hand it looks neat and exclusive.

So, in near future, I'll be using metal studded snap buttons in all my hand made :)

 Nice aih? What do you think?

Sunday, June 5, 2011



I finally satisfied with the curvy finishing on the flap closure! LOL It always give me that eerie feel whenever turning the curvy flaps because it usually gave uneven curves and make it even more ugly when I try to top stitch it. But now, I'm addicted to make more flaps with curvy corners :)

I wanted to show you all the new design for BABY JUE TOTE (SIMPLE VARIATION) :)
The size is different and the features a bit different too.
I am planning to re-design BABY JUE TOTE as well, so all current orders will have the fresh new design. Yay!

Front view
Back view

Side view