Sunday, November 13, 2011

To Haatyai...again!


Sorry for the long silence on this blog. I was so caught up with sewing and pending orders.

I've started to love staying in Changlun. Why? Because we get to go to Haatyai whenever we want. It's kind of going to Alor Setar trip, only better! :D

Yesterday we went for a day trip there, just to get some sewing supply for my online business. I manage to get some cotton bias binding (some with polka dots too!) some, zig-zag trims, Venus multi-purpose threads and self-adhesive plastics wraps, and a black fabric and some Venus zips. The only thing I didn't buy was tailor shears, argh, they only have the TB3,000 and TB4,000 shears...too expensive for my budget hehehe....

But I did get the cheaper one, not really my kind of shears, but, well, it will do until I get the budget for new scissors...Mana boleh hidup tanpa gunting, kalau dah jadi tukang jahit, kan? ;)

My collection of venus threads. cannot resist the colourful stack of threads in all colours in one of the shop, beautifully  arrange in colour sequence. Moon, I definitely coming back for more :) 

Venus zip in various length

Cotton bias binding in plain

Cotton bias in polka dots, cute eih?

I have to upload this... hahaha!!

They sell these in Thailand, cute modern vespa or err...scooter, I think about TBH104,000

On our way back to the border, we were really surprise that there were thousands of human going back to Malaysia. Most of them are Thais. We thought that we are going to stuck there for few hours but, syukur, segalanya dipermudahkan bagi kami. Only there for 10 minutes and we're out! My husband scan his passport and asked a favour from the staff to sign the border pass for the rest of us (my kids and I use the border pass).

Oh, if you want me to buy stuff from Haatyai, do let me know, ya, and oh, they sell self-adhesive plastic wrapper in kilo :) with seriously reasonable and definitely cheaper in price ;)