Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doorgifts- 100 of them!


I managed to finish these 100 pouches for a good friend of my husband's daughter's wedding. Had to make 4 designs because of limited same design fabrics. Grr....I should have bought the whole bolt!

I've learn a lot during the process of making these sweeties, how to organizing the work process. I also gets to apply my craving in paper crafts! Love making those tags, and yes, hand cut and glue one-by-one!

A long process but worth every effort as they love the bags so much! Thank you so much for trusting me in making these for your special day!

Oh, yeah, the drawstring are lined and both fabrics are 100% cotton (not a cheap cotton, guys!), I'm using RM20-30/m fabrics, and only able to work with quality fabrics (not demanding here!), as using cheap fabrics only demoralized my sewing mood, and believe me, when making bulk orders like these, bad mood is the last thing you want on the list!!!

Plus, you'll get good quality products and every guest love your doorgifts, worth every cent, I guarantee! :)
The sad thing is, all fabrics are gone/out of stock, I hope to be able to find these loveliest soon. *fabrics hunting mode

The tag with 1 layer of butterfly

And the tag 2nd layer.
Flying effect! :)


Mila@Rimbun said...

wow banyak tuh... comel n nice colour combination

MiniBinoy said...

luv tat checked print in combination with florals:)

NoEn said...

wow banyaknya..cantik2 sumenya ;)

Nomaliza Azman said...

Terima kasih semua/thank you!
I really love the pink fabrics combo, but sadly, all out of stock! :'(