Friday, February 10, 2012

So far...


...I've been busy. Well, I am busy most of the time with the kids and sewing, never had enough time for everything!
Family and work are both equally important to me, I can't just abandon all my faithful clients and at the same time our family are my responsible too! Dividing time are my worst skill and sometimes the kids get in the way too ha ha! Sometimes, I'll just have to go with the flow, everything must be done when Naydee asleep, everything means, sewing, hanging the clothes, folding the clothes, washing the dishes, cooking etc, and she does not sleep long! Adoi! To those who have small children know why I have to do house chores only when Naydee is asleep, right? *wink So, you can imagine my daily routine. Ha ha

Here are what I've completed so far:

Enadia Sling bag

Enadia Sling bag

Baby Jue Tote Organizer

Messenger Baby Bag

Doorgift samples for my husband's friend. 6 combination of color

This can be put surah Yaasin in it, cute tote eh?

Padded drawstring pouch
I have just finished a set of different version of Aleksandra bag, just a small touch up before I upload it here, it's a wedding gift for the bride of the door gifts I've made before, remember the post? And few more orders by clients :)


Zen and Sewing said...

Nice work Liza. Hope you and your husband are well.



Nomaliza Azman said...

Thank you sir, oh, haven't heard from you quite some time now, hope you and family are well too :)