Saturday, February 11, 2012

A wedding gifts (I hope) for a friend's daughter


I managed to finish the set in between pile of pending orders! Phewww!
This is supposed to be Aleksandra bag, but...thanks to my perfect skill of calculating, the bag end up to be smaller that it supposed to be! Argh! Oh no! A perfect disaster when you are actually in a hurry to complete other stuff for your clients!

The set

I was blank for a moment as I have cut all pieces, and don't want to waste every single beautiful denim fabric. So, I left the project for awhile and do my house chores, and then I went bag to my cutting table and just starred at the fabric pieces. "What am I going to do now??". And an idea popped out from my brain to attach the pockets at both sides instead of the front. And so I went on with the flow (not knowing what will happen especially to the shape) and one by one of the pieces were sewn onto the body. And ta da! Here it is, the variation of Aleksandra (smaller variation), tell me what you think, please!

The set is using a soft denim (love!) and lining is using the chocolate brown with pin size dots. Fully interfaced to retain the shape. My husband said the bag is nicer if it is not too soft (He actually compliment the design *blush, nothing beats the compliment from the one you love, right?? he he) He is definitely a critic!

And since the brown fabric did not match the PU leather closure supposedly to be put on the pockets (another reason for more fabric hunting), I just finished them up with brass snap buttons. Oh, and the bag have zippy closure and a zippy pocket inside. And I absolutely love how I end the zippy end as I used to hate covered them with square shape which were always end up with odd (I mean, very odd) square shape! Urgh!

The bag will look like this when we hold it with the handheld handles

And will look like this when we carry on our shoulder

And as for the bag organizer, luckily the size of SOPHIE Organizer is perfect for the bag and it was a fast one! And of course the key fob, I was meaning t o make these soon as I received them from Azzah, but when my husband told me that these key fobs are everywhere to be seen in Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar, I was devastated! I thought these were new for local people, but I was wrong. Well, don't blame me, I do not do window shopping that much, but certainly did not see key fobs obsession in Hatyai...hmmm....

This is the zippy end that I'm babbling about
The brass ware

Also love the handheld design!!! Made it myself. 

The brass snap button and bias bind, hand sewn on the bag with love and care

Side view of the pocket. Love! Love! the pockets! :)

I think I''l make the key fob free for every purchase of RM60 and above at my shop in a single receipt, how about that?? Ha ha

The organizer with matching  fabrics

Inside view of the organizer

The matching key fob with denim fabric :)
These are on the way to its new owner (Oh, I wish these were mine) Hope she'll love it, but she can return them to me if she doesn't like it, no problem mu aha ha ha ha....just kidding!


NoEn said...

wow!!!speachless..i wonder la camne liza jahit bag sampai cantik camni sekali dia punya output..

Nomaliza Azman said...

Noen, ter wonder sendiri juga hehe...Syukur tuhan bagi tangan yang boleh hasilkan benda2 yang boleh (harapnya) menjadi inspirasi untuk orang lain berkarya juga :)

DiahRothman said...

They are beautiful....... !!

NYKOLETT said...

Clever smart girl..They are all chanteks!