Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The bag...


I've been busy as usual : )
Early morning, today, I managed to complete this custom made bag.
My client send me the original bag and asked me to make similar bag with denim.
The design is okay, but attaching the zip pocket to the body was challenging...well...everything was indeed challenging! Argh!

The making took me about 2-3 weeks to complete, actually, because there were time I had to unpick stitches several times, and when that happened, I just had to move to other projects, so that I wouldn't waste more time on thinking how to do this, how to attach this etc...etc...

This is the crazy part, attaching the zip pocket to the body!
But, hey, I did get and idea on how I suppose to attached it...Now why didn't I think of it sooner ^^

There's ravel on the flap. I like it because it has a seasoned effect, not sure if my client like it :P

Just showing the inner part and the hand stitch to cover the zippy part.
And that is Venus brand zip that I bought in Hat Yai

The bag has 2 pockets with flap (what do you call this type of pockets?)
I use snap buttons for the pockets with flap, there is also 1 large zip compartment.
The main bag was suppose to be zip closure as well, but I don't feel like cracking head with zip and so I finished it with large magnetic button.
I use cotton webbing in light brown for sling.
The lining is in brown and fully interfaced.

Overall, I like the outcome : ) How about you????
Not exactly like the original design but I just glad that I can complete it with minimal error : )
I hope the owner like it.
Using my new sewing machine to sew denim is fantastic!
The denim glide through smoothly just like sewing cotton fabrics.
I love it and definitely worth the investment!

Oh, and please, as for now, I will not take any custom design order, ya...took too much time! :D
I'll have to revise the price, and ain't going to be cheap because, designing the pattern took several days, and sew and error took another several days and in between those several days, I have lost some income to make in-stocks, so, if you wanted to custom made your order/design, please be prepare with the fee. And hope you'll understand why :)


redridingbow said...

Superb!! sangat cantik!.. rasanya Fiza cam kenal beg nih.. my customer asked me utk buatkan beg nih for her fren.. tp Fiza x sanggup.. mmg part nak attach zippered pocket tu laa.. rasa cam tricky sangat.. n Fiza x mampu lagi.. huhu ilmu x cukup..tringt plak kat Liza penah buat beg2 ala2 cam ni.. so I gave her ur blog link.. rasanyer org yg sama.. ker Fiza salah org.. hihi..anyway the bag mmg superbbly done!

SCLover said...

superb !!

Nomaliza Azman said...

Tanks kak,
Fiza: Yes, I think the same person haha...thank you for directing her to me :) Memang tricky part tu tapi last minutes tu Liza dapat idea macam mana nak attached pocket tu :) Memang senang sikit bila idea tu mari, tapi bila bekerja dengan denim, tau2 aje lah dah lah stretchy susah gak lah nak align kain dengan garisan huu...but anyway, it's a good experience, and thanks to you too! :)

Kasyah and Khalis ~ Never Ending Story said...

yeah ija &'s me..hihihi & kak sc lover pun saya pernah beli beg..hahaha i support made in malaysia especially fr handmade..yeah cantik nye beg ni...tak saba nk tgk life & my alexander...umpphhh tq ija..