Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cha's sewing log: 2


It was late night when she started to sew this cute owl plushies which I stumbled on the blog few days ago.
She quickly and excitedly haha chose her fabrics and few felts for the eyes, she even ask me how to chose fabrics that match! Aww...(macamlah mommy dia ni pandai sangat pilih kain hahahaha....)

This is the finish look! She completed it at about 11.30pm. Very determine in completing it in the same day.
Sangatlah tak sabar anak ku seorang ini ^^
She use zig-zag stitches on her Elvira Diana + to sew the wings via applique technique. And my first time using the zig-zag stitches, jenuh nak adjust stitches, jenuh sebab tak pernah try hehe...but the manual helps a lot!)
Stitching the eyes was the crazy part and she unpick stitches several times, but at last, my husband ask her to use the eyelet stitches, easier than using straight stitches...asyik terbabas aje ! :D)
Look at the beak :D
I told myself several times, she is still a beginner :) maklumlah, kalau base on mommy punya penilaian, tentulah kena unpick stitches haha...nasiblah dah lewat malam, kasihan pula Cha yang dah mengantuk tu nak unpick stitches banyak kali...I told her, how she need to evaluate her sewing skill is based on her own satisfactory, if she's okay with that, then let it be, but if not, perfect them until you feel satisfied with your workmanship, that's how I do it ^^

TIPS: Cha, cara mommy, error must be as minimum as possible. Maknanya, nak mencari kesilapan tu sampai nak kena teliti dan teropong barulah mommy boleh berpuas hati...tapi, seboleh-bolehnya jangan ada silap langsung!
My proud little girl with her little owl :)
What do  you think?? She did it all including attaching both fabrics together and stuffing the fiber in the plushie with minimal help from me. Well, I have to hand-stitch the opening :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First bag making lesson...from me ^^

I will conducting my very first bag making lesson in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. InsyaAllah
I will be teaching on how to make this patch bag :)

Venue: SUS and The Felt Product workshop, Kota Bharu Kelantan
Date: 11 May, 2012
Time: 2.30pm - 6.00pm
Fee: RM120 (including materials)
Please bring your own sewing machine, basic sewing accessories such as pin, pencil,  
threads (light brown), scissors, sniper, extra needle, seam maker (if you have one) etc
BONUS! Matching wristlet lesson

For those who stay in Kelantan, especially in Kota Bharu, please come and join me. 
I know we can have so much fun, as a craft-ers and a self-taught seamstress, I want to share my 4 years of experience in bag making with all of you :) 

My Elvira Diana +

Oh and I will also demonstrate my Elvira Diana sewing machine in the class, so, for those who come, you'll be the first to see it live! Don't miss out.

First quilted baby bag!


About last week, I was contacted by Ms Blair through email. Asking whether I could help her to make a quilted baby bag for her, as her lead seamstress was just give birth. She (Ms. Blair) was in an emergency situation as she needs to bring a bag sample made out of Malaysian batik to an exhibition in US.

As a craft-ers, I had never sew quilted stuff, at first, I'm in doubt whether I could do it, but if I didn't take the chance, I will never learn how to quilt! Furthermore, she need helps, and me being me, I must help people in anyway I can.

And so she sent me a box of a bag sample and a baby mat, Malaysian batik and a plain lining but wait, she didn't include batting! Oh no, I have a lot of batting but in 200gm weight! And me being ridiculous and with a help of my husband (as you all know, he is the designer/measurement man the shop) so he did the measuring, cutting and nagging err, I just made that one up haha...

BTW, thanks Abang for helping me with designing, appreciate all your help!

Okay, stop the awww...moment :D

We made the prototype. It was a disaster! Few days wasted and you can imagine constructing pieces of 200gm batting together. Half way done and I told him that we need to speed up or we might not have enough time to send them before the due date.

During the quilt moment...I have to admit it was a yawn moment for me @.@

Love Elvira Renova Touch! 

So, after he calculate and measure (from the failed muslin) we start working on the Batik fabric. In this project, all 4 of my sewing machine are used! Hahaha...including the leather sewing machine. The machine is a life saver, sewing thick materials are easy poesy! Thank you!!

I have use nearly 8 yards of polka dots binding to bind the entire inside of the bag attachment, on the pockets and flap. was not easy, but I do enjoy hand stitch very much. Apart from batting, we do include soft interfacing on every piece of the fabrics. For me, it is easier to sew with interfacing on rather than just the fabric.

I hope Ms Blair will like the muslin/prototype. And hopefully too the bag will fly to the exhibition in the US. Take care all, ad good night!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cha's sewing log: 1


Cha-cha, somehow wanted to sew, ever  since I bought Elvira, she wants to sew, even I planned to teach her how to sew, so, one fine morning out of nowhere, I cut out 10cm square card and ask her to pick 2 different print of fabrics. After she picked her fabrics, I asked her to trace the card template onto the interfacing (12 of it!)

She did that while I did my sewing for orders. After that she handed me the 12 squares and I iron them on the fabrics that she had choose earlier.

Then, I asked her to sew straight stitch for all squares (6 + 6 to be exact) and I ironed them to flatten the seam. And then, this was her favorite part (I guess), she sewn the decorative stitches on the squares. Well, this is basically to let her learn how to control the sewing machine, accurately.

Neat eih? That because the speed of the sewing machine can be adjust and of course,
 Cha guide the fabric well. Well done my dear!
This is the view of the back of the fabric. Neat.

And the rest....I did all, lining...we make that for your next sewing lesson, shall we, dear?

Cha is concentrating ^^
But not bad for a beginner, and tell you what, Elvira, is the best! Oh, no, I forgot to snap the finished hand made, aww....

Travel roll!


I've finished this for our own personal use ^^
A travel roll, well, err...not exactly roll but, I think it is better to call roll, so, you know it does have the same style of closure, tie-on.

The exterior view using Red Japanese denim with genuine leather as decoration ^^
and tie it with red gross grain ribbon

Inside view

The pocket that hidden is to put your cash and passport, so that those important document will not fall off from your travel roll

The center pocket for you to put in brochures

This is a slot to put in your notes or bills or even extra brochures ^^

A slot for pen, and hey, it's my label ^^

Behind the slot there is a zip pocket to put in your coins or any important small item

And behind the center slot, there are card slots, so you can put in cards you receive from your friends or business premises or even your business card.
We often travel oversea (oh, like it sooo far away...hahaha...just 40 minutes to Hat Yai, Thailand from our home) We often go there to get sewing supplies.

But when you need to bring that extra cash, which can't fit in your wallet/purse, this travel roll is a must! Really!
I've use it every time I travel, it just hold every stuff you need when travel, you passport (especially f you bring along 5-6 people with you), your business card or the premises business card, brochures, coins and pen!
As for me, I don't even need my wallet when I travel, just this!

My travel roll that I've made is using Japanese denim for the exterior backing, and decorate it with genuine leather. I bias binding with linen polka dots binding which were bought in Bangkok, and for the interior, I use 100% cotton in beige with full vines print. Fully interface with medium weight non woven interfacing and the body for the interior, I use heavy weight (still and thick) interfacing, so that when I stitch all lines for pockets, it will added more sturdiness to the stitches.

If you like the travel roll and would want to order for yourself, do email me at sketch.andsew(at) Price range from RM45-RM80 (expensive, if you want to add the genuine leather)