Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cha's sewing log: 1


Cha-cha, somehow wanted to sew, ever  since I bought Elvira, she wants to sew, even I planned to teach her how to sew, so, one fine morning out of nowhere, I cut out 10cm square card and ask her to pick 2 different print of fabrics. After she picked her fabrics, I asked her to trace the card template onto the interfacing (12 of it!)

She did that while I did my sewing for orders. After that she handed me the 12 squares and I iron them on the fabrics that she had choose earlier.

Then, I asked her to sew straight stitch for all squares (6 + 6 to be exact) and I ironed them to flatten the seam. And then, this was her favorite part (I guess), she sewn the decorative stitches on the squares. Well, this is basically to let her learn how to control the sewing machine, accurately.

Neat eih? That because the speed of the sewing machine can be adjust and of course,
 Cha guide the fabric well. Well done my dear!
This is the view of the back of the fabric. Neat.

And the rest....I did all, lining...we make that for your next sewing lesson, shall we, dear?

Cha is concentrating ^^
But not bad for a beginner, and tell you what, Elvira, is the best! Oh, no, I forgot to snap the finished hand made, aww....

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