Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cha's sewing log: 2


It was late night when she started to sew this cute owl plushies which I stumbled on the blog few days ago.
She quickly and excitedly haha chose her fabrics and few felts for the eyes, she even ask me how to chose fabrics that match! Aww...(macamlah mommy dia ni pandai sangat pilih kain hahahaha....)

This is the finish look! She completed it at about 11.30pm. Very determine in completing it in the same day.
Sangatlah tak sabar anak ku seorang ini ^^
She use zig-zag stitches on her Elvira Diana + to sew the wings via applique technique. And my first time using the zig-zag stitches, jenuh nak adjust stitches, jenuh sebab tak pernah try hehe...but the manual helps a lot!)
Stitching the eyes was the crazy part and she unpick stitches several times, but at last, my husband ask her to use the eyelet stitches, easier than using straight stitches...asyik terbabas aje ! :D)
Look at the beak :D
I told myself several times, she is still a beginner :) maklumlah, kalau base on mommy punya penilaian, tentulah kena unpick stitches haha...nasiblah dah lewat malam, kasihan pula Cha yang dah mengantuk tu nak unpick stitches banyak kali...I told her, how she need to evaluate her sewing skill is based on her own satisfactory, if she's okay with that, then let it be, but if not, perfect them until you feel satisfied with your workmanship, that's how I do it ^^

TIPS: Cha, cara mommy, error must be as minimum as possible. Maknanya, nak mencari kesilapan tu sampai nak kena teliti dan teropong barulah mommy boleh berpuas hati...tapi, seboleh-bolehnya jangan ada silap langsung!
My proud little girl with her little owl :)
What do  you think?? She did it all including attaching both fabrics together and stuffing the fiber in the plushie with minimal help from me. Well, I have to hand-stitch the opening :)


NoEn said...

wah..bagusnya cha..dh besar nnti leh la geng ngan mummy kn?

Nomaliza Azman said...

Bukan apa, saja nak manfaatkan mesin jahit yang ada :D haha...
Kalau suatu hari nanti dia jadi apembantu, bagus juga, taklah nak lari berhenti kerja kalau kena tegur...kan? :)