Saturday, April 28, 2012

First quilted baby bag!


About last week, I was contacted by Ms Blair through email. Asking whether I could help her to make a quilted baby bag for her, as her lead seamstress was just give birth. She (Ms. Blair) was in an emergency situation as she needs to bring a bag sample made out of Malaysian batik to an exhibition in US.

As a craft-ers, I had never sew quilted stuff, at first, I'm in doubt whether I could do it, but if I didn't take the chance, I will never learn how to quilt! Furthermore, she need helps, and me being me, I must help people in anyway I can.

And so she sent me a box of a bag sample and a baby mat, Malaysian batik and a plain lining but wait, she didn't include batting! Oh no, I have a lot of batting but in 200gm weight! And me being ridiculous and with a help of my husband (as you all know, he is the designer/measurement man the shop) so he did the measuring, cutting and nagging err, I just made that one up haha...

BTW, thanks Abang for helping me with designing, appreciate all your help!

Okay, stop the awww...moment :D

We made the prototype. It was a disaster! Few days wasted and you can imagine constructing pieces of 200gm batting together. Half way done and I told him that we need to speed up or we might not have enough time to send them before the due date.

During the quilt moment...I have to admit it was a yawn moment for me @.@

Love Elvira Renova Touch! 

So, after he calculate and measure (from the failed muslin) we start working on the Batik fabric. In this project, all 4 of my sewing machine are used! Hahaha...including the leather sewing machine. The machine is a life saver, sewing thick materials are easy poesy! Thank you!!

I have use nearly 8 yards of polka dots binding to bind the entire inside of the bag attachment, on the pockets and flap. was not easy, but I do enjoy hand stitch very much. Apart from batting, we do include soft interfacing on every piece of the fabrics. For me, it is easier to sew with interfacing on rather than just the fabric.

I hope Ms Blair will like the muslin/prototype. And hopefully too the bag will fly to the exhibition in the US. Take care all, ad good night!


NYKOLETT said...

i love quilting..its my cup of tea..i love how the bag turn out..You did a fine job..Tapi kenapa agaknye saya tak suka batik..maybe it is in abundance kat tempat kite kot..Lepas nih mesti liza dapat order banyak untuk quilted bags..Congratulations to your product going abroad.Thats a big Leap..

Nomaliza Azman said...

Thanks kak. Hargai komen akak :)

Pendapat Liza fabrik batik kita dan designnya cantik sebenarnya, tapi cara kita manipulasikan fabrik itu sendiri yang membezakan penilaian murah atau mahal sesuatu produk yang dibuat daripada batik. Tapi dalam konteks ini, Ms Blair yang mahu Liza buat sepenuhnya penggunaan batik tanpa mahu mencampur fabrik lain, jadi walaupun pendapat telah diberi, kalau tuan punya badan mahu juga mempraktikkan idea peribadi, terpaksalah diikuti ;) Kalau Liza sendiri, punya pendapat yang sangat berbeza dengan apa yang dipersembahkan dalam post ini :)