Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel roll!


I've finished this for our own personal use ^^
A travel roll, well, err...not exactly roll but, I think it is better to call roll, so, you know it does have the same style of closure, tie-on.

The exterior view using Red Japanese denim with genuine leather as decoration ^^
and tie it with red gross grain ribbon

Inside view

The pocket that hidden is to put your cash and passport, so that those important document will not fall off from your travel roll

The center pocket for you to put in brochures

This is a slot to put in your notes or bills or even extra brochures ^^

A slot for pen, and hey, it's my label ^^

Behind the slot there is a zip pocket to put in your coins or any important small item

And behind the center slot, there are card slots, so you can put in cards you receive from your friends or business premises or even your business card.
We often travel oversea (oh, like it sooo far away...hahaha...just 40 minutes to Hat Yai, Thailand from our home) We often go there to get sewing supplies.

But when you need to bring that extra cash, which can't fit in your wallet/purse, this travel roll is a must! Really!
I've use it every time I travel, it just hold every stuff you need when travel, you passport (especially f you bring along 5-6 people with you), your business card or the premises business card, brochures, coins and pen!
As for me, I don't even need my wallet when I travel, just this!

My travel roll that I've made is using Japanese denim for the exterior backing, and decorate it with genuine leather. I bias binding with linen polka dots binding which were bought in Bangkok, and for the interior, I use 100% cotton in beige with full vines print. Fully interface with medium weight non woven interfacing and the body for the interior, I use heavy weight (still and thick) interfacing, so that when I stitch all lines for pockets, it will added more sturdiness to the stitches.

If you like the travel roll and would want to order for yourself, do email me at sketch.andsew(at) Price range from RM45-RM80 (expensive, if you want to add the genuine leather)

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