Monday, June 25, 2012

New bags!

Hi, has been I don;t know how long since my last post, I have so much to write but, so little time to spend in front of the PC to blogging.

Life has been hectic and crazy. Lots of pending orders, house in seriously need a make over (macam tongkang pecah!!! LOL) Kids...etc...etc...etc...I need rest...I need assistant...I need...I need...I many things needed but in the end it's me alone doing everything har...har...har...Anyway, that doesn't mean I am not syukur with whatever God gave me so far, be it good thing or bad. every single thing that happens in my life, I believe there is something to learn from. And pretty aware of it.

I lead a happy life with my little family.(n_n). So , please don't worry.

All this while I've been designing new bag (apart from making pending orders, of course) it's called Maria bag (comes in set, a little pouch). Reason why I add a little pouch is that, the bag has no pocket, just a big magnetic button closure. The pleats gave me a hard time to add zip pocket or slip pocket, therefore I decided to add the little pouch. I am planning to eliminate the pleats on the lining. That will make it easier to add pockets inside bag, right??

And then I made these, Cindy wristlets:

And also made Maria bag in LARGE tote version. I love how it turned out (thanks Abang for your help in enlarging the template) And we're planning to mix it with leather and denim. Can't wait...can't wait.

Oh, recently, we'd met someone who is expert in leather making, he shares few tips on how to work with leathers. I've been meaning to learn about leather making, and thank you Allah for always hear me out. No doubt. And yeah, more additional people (friends) that help me in bag making, learning Thai, and all sorts of knowledge I need to know along the way, syukur.

And that is a long post. Thank you for taking your time to read my post. Have a nice day!

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