Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New! ARYNA Business card Holder for Naydee


Today I am supposed to continue sewing for pending orders, but somehow, I was annoy by my business cards lying around on my cutting table, and so, hey, I need a holder to keep my cards, I don't want to put it in my wallet, that will make it bulky. I browsing thru every image and tutorial and found only similar design and with button or snap closure. I am a simple person, and I need a simple design but very interesting enough for everyone to have an impression of must have one! (impian yang melebih-lebih seorang tukang jahit haha)

And so I came up to this design, it is indeed very simple but, to snip every corner and to stitch also to maintain the smoothness and crisp of the curves are most challenging one! I completed this within an hour, (the purple color fabric, had to make two, the first one is a bit smaller).

The first one is a bit smaller :)

This will be available in my shop in December for ready stock items.


Waseem said...

wow this is so you come up with this..i wish to design something like this for Metal business cards.

Nomaliza Azman said...

Hi Waseem, I always try to find something different for my shop, and something complicated as well, so that (I hope) nobody could ever try to copy my design ha ha...I browse thru the internet for ideas. And I like your metal card as well, very different, is ti expensive?

Sweet Fairy said...
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Fairy Quest said...

This is so nice. This is the best thing to prevent your plastic business cards from scratching.

Sweet Fairy said...

These are great. I will definitely use it for my plastic business cards once i get it.