Monday, February 25, 2013

A kimono top


Ahh...made this dress for Erisa, a kimono top with batik lepas Indonesia fabric. I love the outcome though I had had a trouble with attaching the ready made bias binding to the armholes (by the way, notice the super cute cotton polka dots bias binding?) Need to study more on attaching the binding and minimize the error.

Erisa definitely love the dress as she has always wanted more dresses in her closet, so far she has few long pants and some skirts. 

I had lost my sewing momentum due to my husband not very well about 3 weeks now. Sewing this dress is a start for me get back my momentum, hopefully.

To my surprise, Naydia came and stand still besides her big sister with her sweet smile.
She never done that before, and I came to realize how a big girl she is now :)